Adobe Captivate Prime reviews

Next-generation LMS provides effective training for employees, partners and customers. Deliver a fun and rich learning experience to students. Manage a state-of-the-art learning environment that reduces skill gaps and motivates students. Take advantage of the all-new AI-based social learning to drive learning in the workflow and share knowledge among colleagues.

Adobe ’s world-class LMS:

  • Rated by industry-leading analysts and trade associations
  • Awarded excellence in multiple categories
  • Adopted by some of the world’s leading companies
  • Used by millions of enthusiastic students

Introducing AI-based social learning

Knowledge sharing among colleagues through automatic content curation

Students can post on topic-based discussion boards in the form of web or user-created content to share knowledge with colleagues. Other students interested in similar skills can follow this board to learn about or post to the topic. This is similar to a social media platform.  Take advantage of the automated content curation enabled by Adobe Sensei .

Expanded large corporate and partner training

Effectively manage end-to-end training throughout the value chain

Expand learning programs to external ecosystems, upgrade partner organization skills and promote efficiency. While gaining a complete picture of the learning initiatives within the group, you can give your departments and resellers a customized and unique LMS to give them autonomy. Give students access to in-house developed courses, courses that can be purchased with Adobe Captivate Prime, and products from third-party content providers. Get the latest details about training management software here.

Employee skill development

Skills are a new requirement – ​​maintain your skills by improving and re-learning skills

Continue to fill employee skill gaps and differentiate from competitors. Align skills with business goals and assign skill-based learning plans to groups of employees. Motivate your students with certifications, gamification awards, points, and badges to motivate them. Managers can use data from the skills and compliance reporting dashboard to make proactive decisions.

Sales Promotion

Training frontline staff always fast.

Deliver training to sales and customer response teams as needed, regardless of device, to maximize productivity. Leverage Adobe Captivate Prime’s “headless LMS” functionality to deliver contextual learning. This includes direct learning delivery within salesforce.com (SFDC).

Customer education

Provide information to customers. Promote adoption and improve customer satisfaction. With Adobe Captivate Prime, training can be easily delivered to customers with a personalized experience using a customized URL. Follow brand guidelines to keep your group of customers interested and up-to-date with new content available on all browsers and devices. Use social learning to share knowledge with colleagues .

Compliance training

Need help with implementing and tracking compliance training within your organization? 73% of large corporations list compliance training as one of the top training content types created. * Large corporations need a learning management system (LMS) that is easy to set up and has industry-leading features. With the ability to scale as you grow and generate reports from a variety of aspects, you need to be able to maintain student compliance and always be ready for audit.


There are several reasons why Adobe Captivate is my favorite e-learning tool. First, it works smoothly with the Creative Cloud application and is very flexible, whether it ’s responsive or not. It can be used for all kinds of attractive e-learning courses, and it can be especially appreciated that advanced actions, shared actions, and embedded JavaScript capabilities can sacrifice their creativity due to lack of functionality. The new version, which I’ve tried, is a 360 degree image and video with hotspots, interactive video features, and video demo enhancements (webcam and green screen) In addition to the box, the trainer is evaluating the innovative response Shiv cope with this second version of the project method is that the workflow of Fluid Box has become easier . “

— LieveWeymeis

“When Adobe released Captivate 2017, one of the features I was most surprised at was the responsive design of Fluid Box. I was convinced in less than a few minutes using Fluid Box. A responsive design would be created in the same way, which was a very intuitive prediction, but there were still a few features that we would expect from Fluid Box.With Adobe Captivate 2019, these remaining Now that you have all the features, you can now accurately size the Fluid Box and display the layout predictions on any screen, with a single click to accurately place objects distributed within the Fluid Box. The management of static Fluid Box layouts has also been greatly enhanced, and Adobe Captivate 2019 is still a responsive design e-learning authoring business. It is standard. The best in this charming tool! 

— Paul Wilson

“I’ve been using Adobe Captivate since version 1 and I’m amazed by the evolution I’ve seen so far. This release is no exception. There are a lot of new and enhanced features, The new virtual reality and interactive video workflow that I’ve been waiting for for a long time is very happy with the way the team introduced Captivate 2019. Sophisticated and effective ways to satisfy even more customers, not to mention Fluid Box and other responsive e-learning features, the ever-growing collection of free assets is a huge asset Captivate’s feature set is confident that it is the strongest in the market, and Captivate 2019 There is no doubt that it will continue to lead the market in the next few years … 

— Damien Bruyndonckx

“The new release of Adobe Captivate is a truly amazing tool! Everyone feels that new technologies like virtual reality will soon be introduced into the learning space and will probably become mainstream. I am very pleased that taking the first step and creating an immersive learning course that can be experienced with a VR headset has become very simple. It’s very important to have tools that use our technology to engage students in immersive and interactive experiences. 

-Debbie Richards

“Now it ’s clear that video training courses are becoming increasingly popular among students, but it ’s not easy for trainers and instructional designers to keep creating video content. Planning, technical skills and production costs are involved, but with the release of the new Adobe Captivate, interactive video courses have become extremely easy to create, using your own videos and YouTube videos Add quizzes, evaluation slides and more to create a course in minutes. ”

— Josh Cavalier

“I personally am very happy with Adobe Captivate 2019. Adobe has created a responsive course since Adobe introduced the responsive e-learning feature four years ago. Last year, desktop content and responsive We were overwhelmed by such amazing features as Fluid Box’s “Save as Responsive” option, which can automatically migrate supported sliders. These capabilities make Adobe Captivate a step ahead of other tools. This year, I was impressed with the enhanced functionality of Fluid Box. It’s even simpler and more flexible, allowing you to create responsive courses in less time than before. There is also a new feature that allows you to scan QR codes on your mobile device and preview responsive courses. This is a very useful feature because it allows the course to be designed more efficiently. 

-Phil Cowcill, Retired Professor, Canador University

“I think traditional e-learning should be reborn. We need to focus on bringing e-learning to a level beyond desktop computers by delivering a responsive and powerful learning experience across multiple screens. Captivate Draft reinforces the idea that mobile devices are growing from simple consumer tools to powerful authoring tools, and Adobe is a tool for everyone who develops learning design software. In order to set a very high hurdle for that. ”

—RJ Jacquez, mLearning Revolution Blog

“The Captivate Draft storyboard tool is an iPad app designed to work with Adobe Captivate 9 and the 2017 release of the software. Designers have e-learning elements such as content, question slides, and branch logic. You can convert it to a storyboard, and the benefits of owning this tool as an iPad app are obvious. Have you ever been in an e-learning development meeting and argued why you have to bring a rugged laptop? “

—Paul Wilson